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How to get the Free Megared Coupon

Get a Free Megared Coupon

When you go to the web site, you will see how to get a free Megared coupon that you can easily print out and use. It will save you $3 on your purchase of Megared Krill Oil. And that is a lot of money to save. Even the price of supplements has risen in the past year so when you see a coupon worth this much, it makes you very happy. So when you know how to get a free Megared coupon, you can put your mind at ease.

Krill oil is one of the best supplements on the market for prevention of cardiovascular disease. It contains the Omega-3 fatty acids in the form of DHA which are the building blocks of a person’s body which are the nervous system, retina and the brain. DHA when combined with EPA, which is another kind of fatty acid that is also found in krill, are effective in preventing heart disease.

Megared coupons - Megared krill oilKrill oil also inhibits plaque formation on arteries. This also reduces high blood pressure. Another way that Krill oil helps with high blood pressure is to reduce the bad cholesterol and raise the amount of good cholesterol. Do not take Megared if you are taking blood thinners though. As you can see, the question of how to get a free Megared coupon can become very important if you want to use this supplement to stay in good health. And Megared doesn’t just stop at helping to prevent heart trouble. It also helps to prevent diabetes by regulating blood sugar levels. It is also used to treat the swelling and inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis. So how to get a free Megared coupon is also important if you are in pain from this.

For those who have never heard of krill, here is a little information about them. Krill are small crustaceans which are easily confused with shrimp in appearance. They are only one to five centimeters long and have a red color. These small creatures are the main food for blue whales.There are 500 million tons of krill and 110,000 tons are harvested each year by the Neptune Technologies which holds the patent for krill oil. Neptune Technologies sends the krill oil to various supplement manufacturers including Shciff who puts out the Megared Krill Oil.

Krill oil also helps control the symptoms of adult ADHD as well as PMS symptoms. This was tested against fish oil and not a placebo. Also, because of the high content of anti-oxidants, Krill oil has a very long shelf life which is a very big concern amongst those who are interested in preventative health measures.

One more warning about krill oil. Do not take this if you are nursing or pregnant. If you are taking Krill oil to treat arthritis, have patience. It take two or three weeks for this to build up in your body enough to tell a difference. So now that you know how to get a free Megared coupon you can not only save some money, but get yourself in a lot better health.

Megared Krill oil vs. Fish Oil

Although there are continous searches for Megared Fish Oil, there is no such product. Megared is krill oil so here you will find information on Megared Krill Oil vs fish oil. In fact, Megared gets it’s name from the fact that krill have a somewhat red color. So what is the difference between Megared and fish oil?

One of the biggest differences is that Megared is 100% pure krill oil and fish oil is not pure. The problem is that Omega-3 which is in fish oil is not in the best form that you need. They are attached to triglycerides which the body only uses to store fat. But the Omega-3 that is found in krill oil is pure and attached to phospholipids which are easily absorbed into the body. Fish oil is rich in Omega-3 but also contains mercury and other pollutants found in our oceans and could be harmful.

Here are some facts for you to consider..(1) Krill is harvested in it’s natural habitat of the frigid waters of the Antarctic and Pacific Oceans. This means no added chemicals such as antibiotics, pesticides or other toxins (2) Your heart and brain require three vital substances for optimum healthy functions. These are Omega-3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants and phospholipids. Krill oil contains all of these in pure form. Another point in favor of Megared vs fish oil. (3) Because of their chemical structure, the omega-3 in krill oil are more effective. They are bonded to the phopholipids which naturally exist in your brain and heart. This brings up even more points in favor of Megared vs fish oil.

When tested against fish oil, Megared krill oil won hands down in performance and showed significant results in helping to prevent facial wrinkles, improving cholesterol levels, leveling inflammation levels, lowering severity of joint pain and improving memory. Krill oil has also been found to reduce the symptoms of PMS and adult ADHD. Fish oil does this also but people wind up complaining of both the fishy aftertaste and their bodies smelling like fish.

Neither of the two products have any side effects unless one is allergic to seafood. If this is the case, then neither product should be taken. Always consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

Because of the superior anti-oxidants in krill oil, it has a much longer shelf life than fish oil. But do not take the krill oil if you are allergic to shellfish. Also if you are nursing or pregnant do not take krill oil. Also, do not take krill oil if you are taking any kind of anti-coagulant. In the debate between fish oil and krill oil, there is the fact that krill oil does not have the fishy aftertaste of fish oil. This also makes Megared Krill Oil much more popular than fish oil. So when comparing Megared vs fish oil, the facts plainly speak for themselves. Megared is the better product of the two. Remember to get the free Megared Coupons to have some saving on the Megared products,